A Life Hack for the 21st Century: Don’t Follow Your Passions, Follow Your Patterns

A Life Hack for the 21st Century

The Pattern of Small Moves

Don’t Follow Your Passions, Follow Your Patterns

Dubai, UAE –TEDxWullongong-November 21st, 2015

“TEDxUOWD: Illusions vs Reality,” has been curated with an objective to do exactly that—to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused and to foster learning, inspiration and wonder—and spark conversations that matter. The event will see some of the best people of their field share their experiences ranging over a wide array of topics under the umbrella of ‘Illusions vs. Reality’ and provide an insight into what that means in their field.


Christine’s ten minute talk titled:  “Power of Small Moves- Don’t Follow Your Passions, Follow Your Patterns” challenged viewers to ignore the cliche advice of peers and influencers who say follow your passions. The phrase “just follow your passion” is the most commonly vague advice given to this generation. Since passions is a state of feeling, it is constantly changing  and thus an elusive intangible item to follow. Instead, Christine provides a 3 step tool to help people understand their life story and find patterns. These patterns ultimately tell one’s core desires that can be leveraged to fulfill one’s destiny. Stop chasing the illusion of self fulfillment by following passions-instead take the practical approach-and follow your patterns.

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