The 10 Step Manifesto for Millennial Entrepreneurs

A Forbes30Under30 Entrepreneur’s Startup Success Manifesto for Entrepreneurs Courtesy of Ebony Magazine  Follow more tips on Twitter!  Entrepreneurship is now the number one life choice for today’s millennials despite the fact that 95% of companies fail. As a result, entrepreneurs are desperate for shortcuts, strategies, and resources that can increase their odds of success. Unfortunately, top[…]

Startups: How to Win Pitch Competitions and Raise $500k in 6 Months

  I always tell entrepreneurs that once you make the decision to be a startup founder, then your entire life is centered around your ability to pitch. Everyone automatically becomes an opportunity to grow your company. You have to pitch not only investors, reporters and customers but also family, friends, and networks. In one year[…]

How to Raise $300,000 for College in 6 months

In my ambition to get to college I completed 37 scholarship applications and 20+ college applications. In the end, I chose to go to Dartmouth with 7 local grants and the Bill Gates Millennium scholarship. By the time I got on campus for fall orientation, I was hungry for success. I researched the whole summer prior to orientation[…]

Startups-How to Turn Your Bills Into $1 Million in Funding

  Sourcing capital for your startup can be daunting. But you have to rethink your approach for funding. Angel, VC and debt are typical sources, but what about the bills you pay to keep your business going? Be saavy and turn your credit cards, shipping bills, magazine subscriptions and other purchases into funding opportunities. Corporations always have annual and[…]

How to Achieve Overnight Success with 5 Easy Steps

Sustained wealth and health is a pursuit that almost every individual aim to achieve. Some make it the easy way and some the hard way. Whatever the path, many can agree that the following 5 steps are easy quick tips that can truly change your life for the better. Cheers to the journey towards success! 1.[…]

The Ultimate List of Startup Conferences for Innovative Entrepreneurs: And Why Haiti Made the List.

Startups and SMEs are the bedrock of global economies. As such, it is essential to have a vibrant tech ecosystem that promotes events centered on entrepreneurship. Yet, with thousands of options, how can you select the top conferences that convene influential entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders all in one place? Especially when the event is the talk[…]

Call for Startups-How to get $25k- $100k in 6 months

How to get $25k- $100k in 6 months Access Now   Pick 2 quarters to start your 6-month plan and then complete the following 3 steps.  Prepare your funding material Bplan Financials Youtube 1 minute pitch Pitch deck Media materials Web presence- website, social media, press, partners Update profile on crunchbase, gust and angel list[…]

Christine Souffrant Ntim Speaks about Women Entrepreneurship at the United Nations

 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations New York, USA November 19th On November 19th, Christine was invited to share her perspectives on entrepreneurship at the annual Women’s Day event hosted at the UN. Christine was quite candid with her perspectives on female entrepreneurship, startup development and social impact initiatives. Her views was greatly received by the crowd and[…]