Christine Ntim Invited to Inaugural Launch of Obama Summit

[September 15, 2017- Chicago, USA]  We are pleased to announce that Christine S. Ntim was invited to the inaugural launch of the Obama Summit for her civic engagement activities in global markets. From founding Vendedy– the only street market directory connecting travelers to street markets to launching Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) the world’s largest digital online accelerator for startups- graduating 1000+[…]

A Life Hack for the 21st Century: Don’t Follow Your Passions, Follow Your Patterns

A Life Hack for the 21st Century The Pattern of Small Moves Don’t Follow Your Passions, Follow Your Patterns Dubai, UAE –TEDxWullongong-November 21st, 2015 “TEDxUOWD: Illusions vs Reality,” has been curated with an objective to do exactly that—to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused and to foster learning, inspiration and wonder—and spark conversations[…]

The Ultimate List of Startup Conferences for Innovative Entrepreneurs: And Why Haiti Made the List.

Startups and SMEs are the bedrock of global economies. As such, it is essential to have a vibrant tech ecosystem that promotes events centered on entrepreneurship. Yet, with thousands of options, how can you select the top conferences that convene influential entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders all in one place? Especially when the event is the talk[…]

Christine Souffrant Ntim Speaks about Women Entrepreneurship at the United Nations

 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations New York, USA November 19th On November 19th, Christine was invited to share her perspectives on entrepreneurship at the annual Women’s Day event hosted at the UN. Christine was quite candid with her perspectives on female entrepreneurship, startup development and social impact initiatives. Her views was greatly received by the crowd and[…]