Christine Souffrant Ntim Speaks about Women Entrepreneurship at the United Nations

 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations

New York, USA November 19th

On November 19th, Christine was invited to share her perspectives on entrepreneurship at the annual Women’s Day event hosted at the UN. Christine was quite candid with her perspectives on female entrepreneurship, startup development and social impact initiatives. Her views was greatly received by the crowd and led to a feature in Inc Magazine.


“I agree completely with social entrepreneur Christine Souffrant, Founder & CEO of Vendedy who responded to the question “what’s holding women back?” (during aWomen’s Entrepreneurship Day panel featuring inspiring small business entrepreneurs) by noting that entrepreneurship is hard, regardless of gender and that we (the media) have to stop constantly telling women they have all of these roadblocks in front of them. Men don’t hear or see this message because it is not the “male” messaging of entrepreneurship. All entrepreneurs have roadblocks, so switch the messaging up for the women! Highlight the success stories and showcase more women in leadership roles, so the world can see what women are being”—Inc Magazine.

Social media feeds picked up on some of her comments that day and sparked meaningful conversation about the state of entrepreneurship today and the role of women within the startup ecosystem.

MasterCard was a major corporate sponsor of Christine’s startup Vendedy, with a $15k cash prize for the elevator pitch competition.

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