Speaker Series

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Topics I Speak About:

Personal Development: 

  • Personal Branding Strategy
  • Career Hacking Strategy
  • Life Hacking Strategy
  • Productivity Hacking
  • Travel Hacking


  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Pitching
  • Startup Development: Ideation, Product Development, Marketing, Custome Acquisition, Funding Development
  • Exponential Tech Entrepreneurship (Ai, Virtual Reality, Space)
  • Women in Tech + Mothers in Tech

Startup Ecosystem to Economic Development:

  • Emerging Market Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Exponential Technology & Industry Innovation

Popular Talks: 

  • “Personal Branding in the Digital Age”
  • “100 Random Hacks to Scale Your Startup”
  • “How to Launch & Scale Your Startup with $100”
  • “100 Ways to Travel & Make Money Online’
  • “The Life Hack of the Century: Don’t Follow Your Passions- Follow Your Patterns”
  • “Entrepreneurship Without Borders”
  • “The Art of the Career Pivot”
  • “Scaling Global from Ground Zero”
  • “E-commerce vs Street Markets- The Future Economy”