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November 10, 2017 [London, United Kingdom]  We are pleased to announce that Christine S. Ntim will be wrapping up 2017 with a series of online webinar downloads on branding and business scaling.  From founding Vendedy– the only street market directory connecting travelers to street markets to launching Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) the world’s largest digital online accelerator for startups- graduating 1000+ companies from 90+ countries a year- to hosting high impact tech summits in developing countries- such as Haiti Tech Summit and Ghana Tech Summit– Christine has built an award-winning career building a global brand. Many of her strategies are organic processes that she has developed over the years. She speaks at over 20+ conferences a year sharing her top tips and event hosted a boot camp tour in 2016 for over 3000 entrepreneurs. The high demand for her work spread and led to the creation of the Global Startup Ecosystem- to spread close to 11,000 entrepreneurs a year.

For a limited time only, all of her tactics are condensed into a webinar series priced at $10 and all accelerator series priced at $50 to ensure affordability and access. The three content areas covered are:

How to Get Booked for Speaking Opportunities in 2018
Are you an entrepreneur or a corporate professional with the following:
  • industry expertise
  • skill set in a specific domain
  • talent or hobby
Then you are an expert that can build a unique speaker profile in as little as 30 days.During this free webinar, we go over the top 3 ways to get booked for speaking opportunities in 2017 and beyond.
We cover:
  • How to build a basic speaker profile
  • How to optimize speaker engagements
  • Top ways to get noticed by event organizers and get booked.

How to Make $1000+ a Month With Your First Webinar in 1 Hour
Everyone has a talent, skill or experience that can benefit others. If people consistently turn to your for advice on anything- then it’s time to monetize your expertise. Or If you find yourself repeating the same task easily- then its time to share your secrets with the world.In this packed 1 hour session, we go over tactful strategies to create webinars that provide passive income immediately.

How to Launch a Startup with $100 within 24 hours
Turning an idea into a fully fledged company is an inspirational endeavor that requires time and effort. We go over a time tested proven strategy to execute company launches within 24 hours.

Unknown Startup Hacks: How to Get Your First 10k Users in 1 Month
In this webinar we go over 100 user acquisition hacks for attaining 10k users – 500k. Case study examples will include insider strategies used by Airbnb, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and more! We end with an exclusive 7 day go to market hacker growth strategy plan that can be tailored for any startup.

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