June 29, 2017


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What to expect?

  • Hundreds of links to top resources, websites, and information.
  • Strategies on how to leverage these resources.
  • Tangible case studies and live examples.
  • Creative ideas and hacks.
  • Insights on how to execute effectively.
  • Roadmap for experimentation and execution.

About the host & series:

Christine Souffrant Ntim is a sought after Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, speaker, and author who reveals hundreds of free resources and links to build and scale a company online.

This 3 part series starts with Ideation and Product Development hacks where she reveals how to build a website and product within 24 hours via app-makers, WordPress plug ins, and free coding websites. The second part of the series is Press & Marketing Development where she reveals the 10 step strategy to grow your customer base via growth hacking tips and the 10 step process to gain media and press for your personal brand. The final part of the series is Pitch & Funding Development where Christine shares how she raised $250k in prizes, grants, and funding via free competition databases in 6 months.

Christine’s content is the most practical guide for entrepreneurs who are seeking short cuts to start and scale their business with free tools online. Sign up for her newsletter at www.christinesntim.com