The First Global Series on Personal Branding and Disruptive Tech is Launched as CSN TV

[February 25, 2019- New York, USA] We are pleased to announce that Christine S. Ntim will be launching CSN TV– a digital series featuring top strategies, insights and opportunities for influencers building tech initiatives and ecosystems around the world.

After spending 5 years building and scaling tech ecosystems via global conferences and accelerators, Christine will be synthesizing her insights via this series. While the core focus will be on tangible take aways on whats happening in tech around the world- it will also be a light hearted fun series on her experiences as a woman in tech.

The core topics to be featured in the series are:

  • Personal branding insights for women and millennial in the digital age
  • Random tech hacks and tricks for a career building and life planning
  • Digital recordings of top talks from over 20+ global conferences a year
  • Webinar sessions on personal branding, startup development and emerging market ecosystem building
  • Behind the scenes interviews and sessions with key celebrities, influencers and ecosystem builders.

Partners and sponsors will be announced at SXSW next month.

For interviews and partnership requests please contact our media representative.


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About Christine S. Ntim 

Christine Souffrant Ntim is an award-winning Haitian-American & Ghanaian, entrepreneur & startup ecosystem expert for emerging markets. She was selected and featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, AdAge 40 Under 40, Haiti Changemakers 1804 List, Singularity NASA, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Inc Magazine and more. She speaks on digital entrepreneurship, personal branding, and future tech for emerging markets at over 20+ global conferences a year- which includes former appearances at the United Nations, TEDx, SXSW, European Union Forum, US State Department Tours, Startup Grind Global, SeedStars World, and more. She started her career as the founder of Vendedy- a social network connecting people to street markets with the aim of digitizing a $10 trillion dollar black economy by centralizing the world’s street markets. Today she builds startup ecosystems around the world with her award winning digital accelerator platform – Global Startup Ecosystem which graduates over 1000+ companies across 190+ countries a year and high profile tech summits via Meventum (Haiti Tech Summit, Ghana Tech Summit, Africa Tech Summit, Ai Tech Summit, Blockchain Tech Summit, Nano Tech Summit, Space Tech Summit, VR Tech Summit etc.).For fun, she travels and binge watches top business shows with her husband and beautiful baby girl.

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