Why Haitians, The Diaspora and Friends of Haiti Are Launching the #RetellHaiti Movement in Response to Trump’s Statements

January 12, 2018 [Washington DC, USA] In light of the continuous statements made by the President of the USA, it has become clear that there is a distorted view of Haiti. To move forward in action, we have launched the #RetellHaiti campaign to reshape the narrative around Haiti, its people and its legacy.

It is not the first time something like this has been said or implied about Haiti. Over the past 8 years- since the 2010 earthquake, Haiti has been associated with numerous negative descriptions. It saddens me that when you search for Haiti online- you are flooded with the articles and images that reflect this trend- not the true beauty of the country and its people. Thus now more than ever, it’s important to retell a different narrative, retell the true story of the first black republic and reshape the future of its legacy on the world and humanity.”- Christine Souffrant Ntim. 

Thus here is how Haitians, the Haitian Diaspora and Friends of Haiti can gather under Haiti’s original 1804 mantra “L’ Union Fait La Force”:#Retell Haiti. 

Over the next few hours we are calling everyone to post an image of a person from Haiti, a place in Haiti or an experience connected to Haiti that reflects the power, resilience and beauty of the country. Social media posts and articles should include #RetellHaiti. Share your story with us via twitter.  In addition to the #RetellHaiti campaign, there will be a series of online and offline gatherings to identify Haiti’s pioneers (scientists, politicians, athletes, celebrities, authors, entrepreneurs) and discuss commitments that can transform Haiti in the next 13 years. Commitments will be announced every hour with open signups for individuals to join. You can submit your commitment here. Sign up to join a gathering here.

The campaign starts at 9am EST. The countdown to 1 million #RetellHaiti stories starts now in partnership with Guelma’s Racin Lakay.

For media inquiries: 

(E) retellhaiti@gmail.com

(T) twitter.com/RetellHaiti


About the Host: 

Christine Souffrant Ntim is an award-winning Forbes 30 Under 30 Haitian-American serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of Vendedy- a social network connecting people to street markets with the aim of digitizing a $10 trillion dollar black economy and centralizing the world’s 200,000 street markets; the GlobalStartupEcosystem.com which hosts the largest digital online accelerator program in the world- graduating over 1000+ companies across 190+ countries a year and the Haiti Tech Summit. a 13 year commitment to reshaping the narrative around Haiti and its future. With 100 global speakers from Facebook, Google, Forbes, Fast Company, etc- the first annual event had 48 million social media impressions. It returns on June 21 2018.

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